I am a professional information systems architect and developer who specializes in cloud-scale products that meet business needs. I’ve been working in the industry in one form or another since 1988. Like many old-timers, I’ve seen a lot of technology trends come and go, but one thing never varies: the need to accomplish business goals with as much velocity and agility as possible.

To that end, I specialize in transforming requirements into products that can scale globally. I am particularly interested in the problems of scaling data globally, which is a fascinating area of current research. I am also very interested in enterprise software architecture, particularly in the JVM-based world, and how such platforms can be applied to 21st century business challenges. I naturally gravitate towards the back-end of most software systems, since that is where the concerns of scale and agility typically emerge, but I also understand many of the various front-end paradigms, technologies, and metaphors that are in use on today’s modern internet.

I have been involved with the development of many challenging systems throughout my career, from client-server based document imaging, to large-scale digital video control room automation, to internet banking and transaction processing, to business intelligence and analytics, and to large-scale SaaS ERP applications.

Some of the many activities I am typically engaged in:

  • Working directly with executive management to align technology with strategic business goals
  • Collaborating with product and program management to deliver world-class products
  • Translating product and business requirements, both tangible and intangible, into technology strategy
  • Designing architectures to maximize product value and to deliver products to a global audience
  • Directing a large team of developers on best practices and continuous improvement
  • Researching the latest in technology, both in industry as well as in the area of academia
  • Writing and maintaining software, because that is where the rubber meets the road

I am a manager, an architect, a strategist, and a full-stack developer who loves to code. But I also love to talk and write about systems, as well as lead others in the pursuit of software development.


I also have many interests outside of computing. In particular, I have a deep love for electronic music, and have published a good deal of my own original work in this regard. If you’d like to hear my music or read about my many activities in the music space, you can check out my music page at palancar.net.


For privacy reasons, I’d rather not go too much into my family here, but suffice it to say that I could not be successful without their tremendous support and tolerance. Everything I do is for them, and I love them dearly.


My current professional contact information is as follows:

Darrell Burgan
Chief Technologist at a prominent enterprise software company

Please don’t spam me, though. In return, I promise not to spam you either. 🙂